Shoulder Ligament Tear Surgery in Greater Noida Extension, Delhi NCR

Shoulder Ligament Surgery in Noida Delhi NCFR

Consult the best Doctor for Shoulder Ligament Tear Surgery in Greater Noida and Shoulder Muscle Tear treatment in Noida Extension.

When you elevate your arm, the top of your shoulder blade may impale or rub against the soft tissues below it, resulting in shoulder impingement. The rotator cuff, a collection of muscles and tendons that guards your shoulder joint, becomes irritated or swollen as a result of shoulder impingement may cause tendinitis or a rotator cuff tear if it is not treated. You can consult the most experienced and excellent ortho doctor, Dr. Himanshu Gupta for shoulder ligament surgery in Greater Noida west and Noida Extension. Dr. Himanshu Gupta is the top most surgeon of Shoulder ligament surgery in Noida and Delhi NCR.


The initial symptom of shoulder impingement is discomfort in the shoulder and the upper arm. With time, the misery gets worse. Sleeping on the shoulder could start to feel uncomfortable. Your forearm may eventually feel the pain.

The Causes and Risk Factors

Being one of your body’s most active and unstable joints, your shoulder is more likely to be injured. Shoulder impingement can be brought on by:

    • Using your arms above your head repeatedly is known as overuse.

    • Sports with overhead movements: baseball and tennis

    • Ageing: the gradual decline and thinning of soft tissues

How is Impingement Syndrome Diagnosis Performed?

Your doctor will perform a physical examination and review your medical history to ascertain if you have impingement syndrome. To rule out arthritis, X-rays will be taken, and they can show bone anomalies which indicate muscle injury. Bone spurs or changes to the bone’s usual form are both feasible.

Treatment Options

Among the possible remedies for shoulder muscles tear treatment in Greater Noida are:

    • Use rest, cold packs, and anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and inflammation.

    • Exercises for strengthening and stretching

    • Treatments with ultrasound: to promote blood flow to the injury

If your symptoms worsen or you exhibit any weakness, your doctor for shoulder muscle tear treatment in Greater Noida might recommend an ultrasound and MRI to rule out a rotator cuff injury. For the treatment of severe impingement, surgery (arthroscopic acromioplasty as well as arthroscopic sub-acromial decompression) is necessary. Surgery may also be required to repair a ruptured cuff.

For many people with impingement syndrome, medication, stretching exercises, and temporary abstinence from repetitive overhead activity are all appropriate therapies until the problem is resolved.

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